Market Research
and Analytical Consulting

Limegrove is a full-service market research and analytics consultancy passionate about helping companies to make the right decisions in order to grow their brands and business.

At Limegrove we go beyond crunching numbers to prioritise consumer insights and back you up with the depth of knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

Limegrove delivers a synergistic blend of qualitative explorations, quantitative research, analytics and modeling to help companies:

  • Develop optimal market strategies
  • Build stronger brands
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase advertising effectiveness
  • Improve package communications
  • Strengthen promotional programs
  • Accelerate new product development
  • Optimize the shopping experience
  • Improve market and distribution systems


Passion in Everything We Do. Our clients can count on us to apply passion and craftsmanship to their business challenges. Like any craftsman – regardless of profession – all of us at Limegrove strive to be:


By tapping into client’s needs, finding tailor-made solutions to their problems and developing relevant recommendations.


By building long-term relationships with stakeholders, connecting not only at the professional levels but also as people.

Leading Edge

By caring about our own progress and development, keeping up with the latest in our industry so we can apply leading-edge approaches to your issues.